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BUS 1301 Test 2 answer quide - Answer Guide Test 2 Fall...

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Answer Guide Test 2 Fall 2005 The following represent the guidelines used to grade the second test in Business 1301, Fall 2005. For reference purposes please consider the following as you compare your test answers to these answers in the Guide: Answers to the questions include, where appropriate, materials from the class, from the readings and from the chapters. Answers to questions require some use of business language (examples are provided). Answers to questions require some linking of course materials (examples are provided). Answers provided in this guide are not intended to be “the” answer. However, they do indicate the direction and depth of answers that are considered to be good answers to the test questions. For example, your tests were not graded using a precise comparison of terms provided in this guide and terms used in your answers. For future reference: As I indicated in class, you must do the following to successfully navigate these types of exams: 1. Learn the language of the trade 2. Read all materials assigned and use all class materials presented 3. Learn to apply class materials to specific situations 4. Learn to integrate materials from different parts of the course These will be requirements in many subsequent classes you take. Improving on these kinds of competencies will help you in the future. Question 1 You are the product manager for an auto parts manufacturer. Your firm received a large contract to manufacture axles to be used in a new line of front wheel drive automobiles made by a large automaker. The contract is very important to your company which has recently experienced some market share erosion. Prior to receiving the contract, your firm had developed plans to downsize several hundred employees one month before Christmas. Final testing of the axles was completed last week and the first shipment is scheduled for three weeks. When you examined the test report, you discovered that the axles failed when loaded at twenty percent over the rated capacity and subject to strong torsion forces (hard turns). Conditions for failure could occur for a breaking vehicle on a curve downhill. The automaker’s specifications call for the axle to carry 130 percent of its rated capacity without failing. You show the results to your boss and to the vice president. Both tell you they knew of the report. Both also indicate that the likelihood of the conditions for failure occurring is low and there is no time to redesign the axle for the first scheduled delivery date. Failure to deliver would result in a loss of the contract and the loss of many jobs. List five ethical practices that may have been lacking in this company that led to these problems evident in this situation. Develop a strategy to resolve these issues (you can create one general strategy for all, but
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BUS 1301 Test 2 answer quide - Answer Guide Test 2 Fall...

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