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css 3305 exam I review

css 3305 exam I review - Communication any process by which...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Communication: any process by which one minds affects another mind Sign: a stimulus even that directs the attention of the organism to something other than itself Symbol: a major class of signs that has six characteristics. only humans use symbols symbols are created by the user as a substitute for other signs. symbols are mobile, flexible, and occur in a variety of contexts symbols are multiple in use and meaning symbols are arbitrary and conventionalized symbols are always part of a system of other symbols with which they are related Channel: a form of energy capable of carrying a symbol through time and space Signal: a pattern arbitrarily imposed on the energy in the channel by a transmitter and translated by a receiver Transmitter: the thing, device, or mechanism that imposes the signal (mouth , vocal cord, marker) Receiver: the thing, device, mechanism, that pulls the signal out of the channel and converts it to signs that were transmitted. Concerned with only if the receiver got the message and translated it accurately. Encoder: selects appropriate symbols to portray the desired meaning and places them in the right sequence Decoder: takes the symbols then tries to convert them into the intended meaning of the encoder A.V.D.M.B.I. Attitudes, Values, Desires, Motives, Beliefs, Ideas Noise: anything which disrupts the process of communication. Occurs on three levels. Level A: generally mechanical. Can be anything that prevents the signal from being pulled from the channel by the receiver.
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