Mid Term Guide (BUS 107

Mid Term Guide (BUS 107 - 1.) Predictions might properly be...

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1.) Predictions might properly be defined as: knowing when events will occur. 2. The early writers who set down the classical viewpoint on management were” managers and consultants. 3. Max Weber saw bureaucracy as an ideal type of organization that included all of the following, except: decentralized decision making. 4. All of the following are described by Mintzberg as decision making roles, except: the leadership role. 5. Downsizing, restructuring, and reengineering have had a profound effect on organizations. Surveys show that the consequences of these events include: decreased morale. 6. Using the phrase, "It depends" is one example of: contingencies. 7. The most essential item for an organization's existence is: people. 8. Problem identification and solving based on systematic education and experiences that enable managers to locate problems within a network of previously acquired information is: intuition. 9. The study of organizational behaviour deals with: the attitudes and behaviour of people within organizations. 10. Individuals are collected into organizations to: carry out goals. 11. Which of the following are considered the goals of organizational behaviour: prediction, explanation, management. 12. Events of interest that studying organizational behaviour can help us to understand include all of the following except: the influence of the economy on an organization’s profitability.
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13. After World War II, a number of researchers and theorists took up the theme of the Hawthorne studies. This movement was called: the human relations movement. 14. The general answer to many managerial questions is: "It depends." 15. Organizations can be described as: social inventions for accomplishing goals. 16. A study of managerial activities found that: people who were promoted quickly tended to do more networking. 17. Determining when workers will behave in a certain way is an example of:
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Mid Term Guide (BUS 107 - 1.) Predictions might properly be...

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