107 job characteristic model

107 job characteristic model - On average the retail...

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On average, the retail position scored around 4-6 in the dimensions of the Job Characteristic Model. Each score takes into consideration both perspectives from employees and the employer’s expectancy. Each of the job characteristics has its own basics and motivational drive. The position consists of a list of skills that must be taken into practice in order to show effective job quality. I gave this section a four because the basic requirement for this type of job is communication skill. Conversation abilities and diverse adaptation are among the crucial points that are tested in to practice every work day. Customers walk in every day, sometimes clueless on what type of clothing they want, and as retailer one has to communicate to push a potential sale or sometimes it’s just a question or two on a specific piece. Diverse adaptation is very important because customers are not only from the local area or even domestic region. Foreign customers visit retail stores on a daily basis and they expect the same quality service, or even better to create a sense of value, to enhance the shopping experience at a particular store brand. When we look at task identity, it sounds as a vague concept in the retail position because
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107 job characteristic model - On average the retail...

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