Leon Pope Case Analysis

Leon Pope Case Analysis - Akshat Kohli TA: Yang Tang BUS...

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Akshat Kohli TA: Yang Tang BUS 107 – 022 Leon Pope Case Analysis Problem Identification: Steve Gibson is not an effective foreman as he is unable to manage all his workers well, specifically Leon Pope, who is not efficient enough at his job of unloading and weighing shipments. Because of this the third-shift frequently got delayed and their shipments were usually late. Further, this causes a blockage by unloading the paper off the elevator too slowly. Consequently, because of Leon’s inefficiency and lack of motivation, Steve Gibson’s third-shift was always behind with the day’s shipments. Information Search: At Rapids Valley Pulp and Paper Mills, Steve Gibson, the third-shift foreman has been facing a problem of not being able to keep up with the “day’s shipments” and has been “forcing the first-shift to play catch up.” Regardless of how hard he tries, he cannot get caught up before the end of the shift. This is happening because of one of his employees, Leon Pope, who unloads the finished paper rolls off the elevator, weighs them and rolls them out to the loading dock. He cannot seem to match the elevator speed and so the paper rolls back up on the floor above. Steve is puzzled as he fails to recognize why Leon has this trouble because the job only needs one man in the other two shifts who “handle even larger volumes of shipping.” To handle this problem, Steve offers Leon a bargain, an incentive, to keep ahead of the elevator; he states, “every time you got a shipment weighed before the next elevator load, I let you take a few minutes to go down to the canteen.” This bargaining illustrates Steve’s poor management skills. Ray Hudson Steve’s supervisor, adds “That kind of thing just can’t go on. If he’s caught up, give him a broom and let him sweep up. Tell him he’s supposed to keep busy. If he can stay caught up for a break, he can do it without the break. He’s paid to do the job right and keep up.”
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Leon Pope Case Analysis - Akshat Kohli TA: Yang Tang BUS...

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