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AJM:2/9/06 Score /100 Physics 132 Midterm Winter 2006 Name Time allowed: 55 minutes. You may use one sheet of notes (8-1/2 x 11, both sides) and a calculator. Please remove your hat. No communication devices may be used. Work the problems on separate sheets of blank paper and staple this sheet to the front. Read each problem carefully and be sure to pay attention to any hints that are provided. There is no need to be “wordy” like I ask you to be on homework, but you must show enough work or give enough of an explanation to show me that you understand what you are doing. I give no credit for unsupported answers. Partially correct solutions will get partial credit, if I can figure out what you are doing, so use plenty of space and try your best to be reasonably neat and clear. All numerical answers must be given with an appropriate number of significant digits and appropriate , simplified units. Check your answers for physical reasonableness ; I deduct a small number of points for ridiculous answers that go uncommented upon. 1.
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