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MGMT 3030-001 January 24, 2007 Discussion Questions BHAGs are so powerful and motivating because of the stimulation that comes from being committed to such a large goal. It is empowering to have something to commit yourself to and you cannot stimulate progress by staying in comfort zone. Thus, BHAGs are necessary for both personal and business development. 2. What do Collins & Porras mean when they say BHAGs require unreasonable confidence and a significant amount of risk? BHAGs require unreasonable confidence in that without the belief you can achieve a goal, your efforts are fruitless. Thus, in order to achieve such a seemingly audacious goal you need a great deal of confidence in your abilities. BHAGs also require a significant amount of risk in that there is a great deal of room for failure. With a goal so large, the reality of accomplishment is unknown. Additionally, risk stimulates both commitment and effort
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