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CHP. 1 CONCEPT OF STRESS o Stress σ = P/A P=load/force A=area o Shearing stress τ=P/A P=force A=area o Bearing stress Σ b= P/td P=force T= thickness of plate D=diameter o Factor of Safety F.S.= ultimate load/ allowable load CHP. 2 STRESS AND STRAIN- AXIAL LOADING o Strain ε=δ/L δ =deformation L= length o Stress σ=E ε E= modulus of elasticity D ε= strain o Deformation δ= PL/AE P=force L=length A=area E=modulus of elasticity CHP. 3 TORSION o Shearing strain γ=ρ φ/L ρ=distance from axis φ=angle of twist L= length of shaft o Shearing Stress τ max=T C/J T=torque C=radius J= moment of inertia J=1/2πc^4 (solid shaft) J= 1/2π (c2^4-c1^4) (hollow shaft) o Angle of Twist φ= T L/J G T=torque L=length J=moment of inertia G= modulus of rigidity CHP.4 PURE BENDING o Normal strain ε x= -y/ρ Y= distance form neutral axis
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