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mgmt 3030 syllabus - 2/2/07 MGMT 3030: CRITICAL LEADERSHIP...

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2/2//07 MGMT 3030: CRITICAL LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT SKILLS Spring 2007 Section 1: M-W, 9:30-10:45 p.m., Fleming 156 Professor: R. Wayne Boss Office Hours: 189 Fleming Monday: 10:45-12:00 (303) 492-8488 Wednesday: 10:45-12:00 e-mail: <[email protected]> By Appointment Teaching Assistant: Matt Sanders, (303) 735-4567, e-mail: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Brittany Meier, e-mail: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Katelyn Okeefe, email: [email protected] COURSE DESIGN This course will not be taught in the traditional way. Rather, the course will be taught on an experiential basis. This means that you will be expected to be active rather than passive learners. You will learn by doing and by sharing experiences with other students. The primary learning experiences will be: class discussions and exercises designed to illustrate important principles about various aspects of effective leadership, a final examination, class presentations, and your choice of either a midterm exam and research paper or a BHAG project. These will be supplemented by instructor input, library research, and other outside readings. The textbooks and articles are seen as important sources of learning. You are expected to read and learn from this material on your own; but you are also encouraged to bring up questions, points that are unclear, disagreements, etc. in class. Through this course, you will: Develop your self-awareness of interpersonal strengths and weaknesses through taking instruments that measure communication styles, interpersonal needs, and approaches to problem solving. Develop public speaking skills by giving three presentations. Analyze three video recordings of your presentations, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop three improvement plans. Develop an increased ability to effectively work in teams by participating in team activities and presentations. Identify the different ways in which ethics and values influence leadership practices and decisions. Participate in an experiential learning exercise to develop an understanding of honesty in your interpersonal and professional relationships. Analyze your level of honesty, describe what you learned, and develop an improvement plan to correct any problems that surfaced in the assessment process. Identify how power and influence contribute to effective and ineffective leadership through comprehension of sources and principles of power, reflection on personal uses of power, and experimentation with ways to get power, use power, and keep power. Identify a life-changing activity, develop a plan to pursue it, carry out that plan, and make an oral presentation on its outcomes. Write a paper analyzing the life-changing activity and provide detailed results.
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mgmt 3030 syllabus - 2/2/07 MGMT 3030: CRITICAL LEADERSHIP...

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