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Unformatted text preview: CS 302 Homework 9 - Due Wednesday, July 27 Name: 1. Given the specifications of Programming Assignment 5, list at least three classes you will write for this assignment. Also, identify each class as either an instantiable class or an main application class and provide a description of what each class stores and can do. 2. (a) Suppose that line A of the following method throws a FileNotFoundException. Modify the code to propogate this exception. public void readFile(String filename) { FileReader f = new FileReader(filename) // METHOD LINE A ... } (b) Suppose that line B of the following method throws an InputMismatchException. Modify the code to resolve this exception. public int getMenuChoice(String menu) { System.out.println("Enter menu choice: "); int choice = stdin.nextInt(); // METHOD LINE B } ...
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