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1 NAME: SOIL SCIENCE 322 Physical Principles of Soil and Water Management Take Home Final Exam May 6, 2008 Due: May 15, 2007 Data for the final exam is located in a spread sheet under 2008FieldTripData (Excel spreadsheet), on the class web site: ( ). A copy of this exam is located on the web under Final Exam - May 15 2008 . 1. (35 points) Using the information in the spread sheet (2008FieldTripData .xls) on the website (see above), calculate the following for all the samples (12 samples, see worksheet WaterContent-BulkDensity ) collected during the field trip on 19 April 2008. (Note: weights have NOT been corrected for the weight of the cylinder+pan, but the cylinder+pan weights have been included): a. Bulk density b. Gravimetric water content c. Volumetric water content d. Total porosity e. Air-filled porosity f. Percent saturation g. Assuming the average water content for the sampled points is representative of the moisture content in the Ap horizon for the entire field, calculate the depth of water for the Ap horizon at each of the shallow soil (pit #1) and deep soil (pit #3). Discuss your results. 2. (15 points). During the field trip, two TDR devices (Delta-T and the Hydrosense) were used to measure water content at the same locations that soil core samples were collected. Plot water content values obtained with the Delta-T and the Hydrosense for each location,
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Final-Takehome-Exam08 - 1 NAME: SOIL SCIENCE 322 Physical...

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