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SOIL SCIENCE 322 Problem Set #2 February 5, 2008 Due Februar y 12, 2008 1. (A). Calculate the maximum specific surface area per unit volume of - -1. very fine sand and 2. silt for a soil assuming the USDA standard particle sizes for the soil. (B). What is the specific surface area per unit mass of the clay fraction of a soil (assume it is spherical and the diameter is 0.001 mm)?
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Unformatted text preview: (C). What is the specific surface area if the clay is plate-shaped such as the 2:1 montmorillonite clay? The thickness of montmorillonite is 10-9 m. (D). If the pesticide, atrazine was applied (assume the atrazine is positively charged), in a field with the two types of clay, which shape of clay would you expect could adsorb the greatest amount of atrazine? Why?...
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