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hw10 - fle with the given name ±or example(this is only an...

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CS 302 Homework 10 - Due Monday, August 1 Name: 1. Write a method that given a flename, passed as a String parameter, returns a boolean that is true iF the fle exists and false otherwise. 2. Write a method named writeArray that takes two parameters: 1) a one-dimensional array oF type int and 2) a flename (stored as a String ), and writes each item oF the array to a
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Unformatted text preview: fle with the given name. ±or example (this is only an example, your method should work For any parameter values), writeArray( { 2,5,6,7 } ,"output.txt") should write 2 5 6 7 to the fle ”output.txt”. You do not need to check iF the fle already exists (just overwrite it), but remember to deal with IOException s....
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