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Boerboom and Mitchell 2006

Boerboom and Mitchell 2006 - WEEDS Herbicide Adjuvant...

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21 WEEDS Herbicide Adjuvant Information Chris Boerboom, Ext. Weed Scientist Have you ever heard an adjuvant name, but didn’t know if it was a surfactant or a crop oil or exactly what? If so, the 8 th Edition of the Compendium of Herbicide Adjuvants is a great reference to answer this and many other adjuvant questions. This compendium contains 523 entries from 39 companies and has been compiled by Bryan Young at Southern Illinois University. The products are organized by type of adjuvant such as nonionic surfactants, crop oil concentrates, buffering agents, nitrogen sources, etc. Product name, principal functioning agent (when provided), use rate, comments in some instances, and manufacturer and/or distributor are provided. There are two ways to get the compendium. It is available on-line at http://www.herbicide-adjuvants.com and this web site allows convenient searching and sorting through the adjuvants by product name, by category, by manufacturer, or through the crop-based adjuvant products. It also contains a glossary. If you want a conveniently-sized, booklet version, you can clip out the form below and mail to: Bryan Young Dept. of Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems Southern Illinois University MC 4415 1205 Lincoln Drive Carbondale, IL 62901 Please send me _____ copy(s) of Compendium of Herbicide Adjuvants, 8th Edition. Enclosed is full payment of $_______ ($3.00 per copy) Made payable to Southern Illinois University Name:_____________________________________ Company:__________________________________ Address:___________________________________ City: ________________________________ State:__________ Zip: ___________ Can Proactive Herbicide Resistance Management Pay? Chris Boerboom, Ext. Weed Scientist and Paul Mitchell, Ext. Ag. Economist Additional cases of glyphosate-resistant weeds in the Midwest should have Wisconsin growers thinking about management options to delay or prevent resistance. However, most growers probably think the options will cost more money compared to using low cost glyphosate in Roundup Ready crops. They might be right. But on the other hand, a glyphosate-resistant weed might be expensive to control in the future too.
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