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Math 222, Quiz 4 Name: Time: 11:00 12:05 Instructions: Answer all the questions fully, showing work where neces- sary. Please circle your answer. 1) Determine whether the following integral converges or diverges. If it converges, evaluate it: a ) i 9 x dx 1+ x 2 There are several ways to see that this diverges. One is to see that the limit of the function as x → ∞ is not equal to 0. Another is to simply evaluate it, and see that it diverges (make a substitution for 1 +
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Unformatted text preview: x 2 . At any rate, it diverges. 2) Determine whether the following integral converges or diverges (you do not need to evaluate it): i ∞ 2 x √ x 4-1 dx This function also diverges. Do a comparison to 1 x . Bonus (1 pt.): Which album has sold more: Kanye West’s “Graduation” or 50 Cent’s “Curtis”? Graduation has sold more. 1...
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