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Biol1020-9.20-translation notes - Release Factor-special...

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Anticodon- name of the three base sequence Codon- name of each individual nitrogenous base mRNA Transcription tRNA aminoacyl transfer RNA which consists of an amino acid and a specific tRNA rRNA manufactures ribosomes “secret decoder ring” ribosomes are the site of protein syntheses 2/3 RNA and 1/3 protein Translation takes message on mRNA and translates it to form a new polypeptide chain Initiation factors Helper proteins Bring down correct tRNA Expend energy called GTP GTD provides for the constant reading of the message Peptide bond is catalyzed by ribosomal RNA It is usually catalyzed by a protein but ribosomal RNA is not a protein Ribozyme- RNA catalyst Termination Codon- there is one located at the end of each “message” There are only 3: UGA UAG UAA They tell the ribosome that the “message” is over
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Unformatted text preview: Release Factor-special protein that comes at the end of the “message” to aid in the release The ribosome adds a water molecule to the mixture to aid in the release as well A given message can be read by more than one ribosome at the same time: Our cells differ from bacteria cells Our cells: Eukaryotic Contain a nucleus DNA is located in the nucleus Cell membrane Bacteria cells: Prokaryotic No nucleus DNA is located in the cytoplasm of the cell Cell wall mRNA leaves the nucleus through nuclear pores Poly-A-Tail: nucleotides that have only one base, adenine They come before and after a polypeptide chain when leaving the nucleus Spliceosomes-????...
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Biol1020-9.20-translation notes - Release Factor-special...

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