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Hist 8C Notes - Tuesday 4/3 (1) Slavery, Plantation,...

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Tuesday 4/3 (1) – Slavery, Plantation, Agriculture, and Revolt: Cuba o Social history came about in 1960s – tried to bring women into historical merit o Mexican Revolution did not really change women’s everyday life o 1840s- Cuban slavery due to sugar plantations o 1780s – Haiti sugar boom o American sugar produced by Haiti until Haitian Revolution o Cuban shift toward monoculture (primarily one good) – created a shift toward capitalism o Salves seen as capital investment o New slaves from Africa called “Bozales” and “Congos” o Stripped from cultural memory of West Africa o Untrue ethnic stereotypes and distinctions given to different tribal Africans by slave traders and buyers i.e. Yoruba from Oyo Empire in Nigeria were traded as such, but the stereotype were false and sometimes assigned to wrong tribal groups Discussion – Wednesday 4/4 (1) o “The Last Supper” o Don Gaspar – only white character that seems good Speaks French and was in Haiti during another revolution Sebastian (meanest slave) and him have an understanding Frees a slaves to show them that once free, they have no where to go and nothing to do o 1790 – second revolution in Haiti for democracy Blacks outnumbered whites 9:1 o When the Count washes the feet of the slaves – acting like Jesus Always letting others do the dirty work o Priest and Count are hypocrites in what they see and how they act o Slaves depicted as individuals o Bangoche – used to be a King in his homeland o Slave owners bought slaves from different areas and different dialects so they couldn’t organize and wouldn’t trust each other o Sebastian if the only one who survives End scene: him running in nature and other animal scenes suggesting freedom Tuesday 4/10 (2) – Families of Women on the Hacienda: Mexico o 1810- Mexico becomes independent of Spain o In order to sabotage colonial economy, mines were flooded o 1870s – foreign capital in economy
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Hist 8C Notes - Tuesday 4/3 (1) Slavery, Plantation,...

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