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Human response to the bomb o Failure of response, silence o Effect of the nuclear weapon on war Not ordinary bombing Hiroshima fearing the B-29 raids from firebombing o All-cleared had sounded that day b/c no rows of planes War-ending bomb o Ended WWII o Ended that type of war Silence and dark o Night turned to day o When darkness dissipated, houses were gone o Symbolic of something deeper Left in complete isolation World is confined to the horizons Left in absolute ignorance: no TV, Radio, electricity… Difficulty to connect to the larger world o Raining Iran may be bluffing like the Soviet Union had been bluffing during the Cuban missile crisis What would happen if a nuclear weapon went off in a city in the United States?
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Unformatted text preview: First Responses to the bombing of Hiroshima • 2 key decisions had been made o To make the bomb o To use the bomb • The world got a look at the used bomb • It was the bomb that ended WWII and defeated Japan o War ending bomb o Peace giving bomb • The bomb was the gift of life, deliverance, from a horrible death in Japan o Some people said “ Thank God for the atomic bomb” • The bomb became a master card in international relations o America alone had an atomic bomb • In Europe, instantly the bomb became a solution because they wanted the boys to come home o But how do you keep Germany down...
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