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nuclear notes 4

nuclear notes 4 - • Dirt and animals are irradiated by...

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Kill everything that is in its way Neutrons are how the neutron bomb works o capitalist bomb kill people, but not blow up buildings kill by radiation sickness, don’t blow up buildings considered o 2: Thermal pulse A fireball that kills and burns people, broils landscape Sets fires (Hiroshima: 4 sq. miles) Larger bomb, 350 sq. miles Hiroshima: 1-2 seconds, larger bomb: 30 seconds o 3: The Blast Wave Shock wave of a nuclear weapon Brief tornado/hurricane that envelopes buildings and crushes them Takes a little longer o First the people see flash (thermal pulse), the blast wave takes longer to occur o 4: Fall-out Local fall out Global/stratospherical fall out Occurs when a bomb is detonated on the ground (at ground level)
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Unformatted text preview: • Dirt and animals are irradiated by the bomb, swept up into stem of mushroom cloud and dispersed locally (1 mile to 100 miles) • Most nuclear bombs have a diameter of 50 miles (not Hiroshima) Air burst • Hiroshima, etc • We have never seen a ground burst Global effects • Nuclear winter (drastic and radical cooling of the earth) Firestorm • Thermal pulse lights every flammable object on fire • Likely to devastate any city o A single bomb detonated in the atmosphere high enough up surge can knock-out electrical circuits all over the country (eg. United States) Blast out electrical circuits with electromagnetic pulse • Hiroshima...
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