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nuclear notes 3 - is mounting-SU had neutrality pact with...

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Nuclear Age -can never end because the sci. knowledge can never disappear - have to speak of eras in the nuclear bomb (WWII, COLD WAR) - bomb really abruptly detonates- cuts through - when start turning to “decision” to drop the bomb- have to cope with political scholarly and other wise myths and reasons- that the US government had the High School debating agonizing- told about deaths (1 million)- and that they had to use the bomb. -however in truth, the actual estimate wasn’t that much, still significan (over 40,000), and the invasions weren’t scheduled to take place for several months where you can test out other things - no urgency to use the bomb - now all historians agree on this historical knowledge vs. popular thought bc they were told that the Americans would abuse them so they preferred suicide, 75,000 soldiers died -Europe- Soviet Union is racing through Ukraine; Belarus…tensions with the US
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Unformatted text preview: is mounting-SU had neutrality pact with Japan after Pearl Harbor the US declared war on Japan, Hitler also declared war on the US-SU was fighting the great mass in bulk with the German armies, centerpiece of WWII-20 million ppl killed- US is asking the SU to come to the war to break its neutrality pact- believe that Theres not really a change, everything is the same as before-in reality Stalin is eager to get inon the kill in Pacific realm o pieces of japan up for grabs o SU planning to attack Japan-Gen Curtis Lamay, blunt, resolute, controversial figure and “when you kill more people the government will fall”-Launched famous fire boming of Japanese cities-Before Hiroshima was destroyed 61 Japanese cities had been leveled by firebombs-May 25, 1945 100,000 people were killed in Tokyo Culmination of a trend that started in Europe was strategic...
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