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PROB6-08 - SOIL SCIENCE 322 Problem Set#6 April 3 2008 Due...

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SOIL SCIENCE 322 Problem Set #6 April 3, 2008 Due April 10, 2008 1. From problem set number 5 you determined, and were given information that indicated, that the water table of soil was between 23 and 45 cm below the surface of a soil. Assume this soil has a restrictive layer at 200 cm and the average depth to the water table is 34 cm. Using this information and the computer program on the class web page called DRAIN or the one on NRCS’s web site determine the spacing of subsurface drains if you are to grow a crop with a rooting depth of 100 cm for the following situations: 1) If this is the same soil as the sample you determined the hydraulic conductivity for in problem set #5 (which had an average value of 3.9x10 cm/s) determine the optimal drain spacing. 2) If you were to -2 grow the same crop using the K for Plano silt loam, which is 2.6x10
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