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January 24, 2007 Answers to Questions on the quiz 1. Number of nuclear weapons in the world 25000-27000 + 10000-15000 plutonium pits 2. US has about 10,000 deployed nuclear- in process of being drawn down- 10,000 on reserve 3. (9) Russia 15,000, other nuclear powers Britain, France, china, (few hundred in each), India (25-30) in Pakistan, (50-200) Israel, 2,3,4,5,6 in North Korea 4. SERP talks- reduction talks occurred during cold war a. Parties involved Russia and United States- Legacy Arsenals i. Weapons will be cut down-stored away somewhere ii. No reduction in warheads but reduction in deployable warheads b. No discussions now- a vision for the last arms control treaty by Bush administration. 17-2100 is kind of level US wants to stay at no matter
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Unformatted text preview: what 5. Nuclear nonproliferation treaty-involving every nation in the world before forbids the signatories (1) agrees to do w/o nuclear weapons(182), (2) had nuclear weapons and are permitted to keep them as long as they make good process to get rid of them (5 countries) 6. comprehensive test ban treaty- US is not signed- senate refused to sign but treaty does exist but not enough signed to put into effect a. Trying to get one to avoid underground explosions 7. 9 8. how big a territory can destroy?- NEXT LECTURE 9. SKIP 10. who invented nuclear weapons – US 1945 SOLID Los Alamos...
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