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log 4 - that their control was getting out of hand The...

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Michelle Abbott 810803787 BCOR-1010-113 In 2004, The European Commission took actions on Microsoft when it realized that Microsoft had abused the position they had as a near monopoly. Microsoft’s rising technology software was more advanced than other competitors, and no one could keep up with them. Along with this advantage, Microsoft also “denied competitors information needed to make their computers work with Microsoft’s software” (p. A1). Because of this denial of information, other producers were unable to make software and other products that were able to be run on Microsoft computers, therefore causing penalties for Microsoft. In this case, Microsoft’s remarkable conduct was not beneficial to its competitors in order to make the economy of computers a competitive market with different prices and demand. Their rising monopoly began to be a problem, and Microsoft denied the fact that they had done anything wrong or
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Unformatted text preview: that their control was getting out of hand. The European Union declared that Microsoft was “making it too hard for servers running different software to communicate with certain Microsoft-based machines” (p. A10). Because of this ruling, Microsoft was affected by their profits being hurt and by forcing them to disclose the protocols at little or no cost. Because of the mistake that Microsoft made in the beginning with not thinking about other companies other than themselves, it ended up hurting them in the end. The conduct that Microsoft had negatively effected everyone around them because of their selfish decisions and not thinking about the economy as a whole. Forelle, Charles. (2007 September 18). Microsoft Loss In Europe Raises American Fears. Wall Street Journal pp. A1, A11...
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log 4 - that their control was getting out of hand The...

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