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Movie Ratings There are many things that I could write about for this paper. I am going to choose to write about something that has probably affected us all at one time in our lives, and this is the movie rating system. There are many different ratings and categories that films can fall under. In some instances like in the story I am going to share with you, you have to be a certain age to view the movie. In my experience is the classic example of someone forgetting their ID, and not being able to purchase tickets to view a film. My day started off like any other typical day in high school. I had woken up at seven o’clock, gotten a shower, brushed my teeth, ate some breakfast and was out the door by 7:40. First period started at eight o’clock, and it was history with one of my favorite teachers in high school, Mr. Geib. It was a Friday and like always, I didn’t feel like doing anything in any of my classes. Who wants to do any kind of work on a Friday? Anyways back to first period. My class was loaded with a bunch of my friends. I think we spent more time socializing in that class then actually paying attention. We were trying to decide what we were going to do that night. There is always something to do on a Friday night, see a movie, maybe go bowling, who knows what the night could bring to us. It was though the same day as the Amityville Horror remake released, and I think we all knew what we really wanted to do. So Pat, Seth, Josh, and I had decided that going to see that movie would be included in our plans for the night. The first two periods went by pretty quick and it was lunch time. Once again Seth, Pat,
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finaldraft2 - Movie Ratings There are many things that I...

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