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SOIL SCIENCE 322 Problem Set #3 February 12, 2008 Due February 18, 2008 1. Three soil samples were taken from three different locations of a Plano silt loam soil at Arlington, WI in 2004 by Brian Lepore, a Ph.D. student here in Soils at the time. They were collected with a cylindrical sampler similar to the one shown to you in class. The cylinder has a 3"diameter and is 3" high. The following information was developed from laboratory analyses from samples with ID numbers 51, 68, and 91: Units for all weights, grams sample ID wet wgt dry wgt pan wgt 51 792.05 628.86 141.36 68 840.53 785.72
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Unformatted text preview: 141.81 91 668.13 519.22 141.39 Given the above information calculate the following physical parameters: v è g è b ñ w d -- assume the samples represent the top 25 cm, A-horizon of the respective soils f a f s rainfall d-- the amount of additional rainfall (or irrigation) needed to bring this 25-cm depth of each of these soils to saturation. 2. Given the information in problem 1 (above), what conclusions can one make about these soils with respect to compaction ? Which of the three soils would be most suitable for plant growth? Why?...
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