Prob1-08 - o thus the =0.01 dyne-sec/cm or 1.0x10...

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SOIL SCIENCE 322 Problem Set #1 January 29, 2008 Due February 5, 2008 A soil with 45% clay, 15% sand, and 40% silt is being eroded from a housing development construction site in Monona. You, as a concerned natural resource manager, need to design a sediment basin sufficient to control this runoff/sediment and keep the sediment from entering into Lake Monona. You are directed to build a 6.5 ft dep sediment basin. Assume the water is at 20 C;
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Unformatted text preview: o thus, the ç =0.01 dyne-sec/cm or 1.0x10 Newton-sec/m . 2-3 2 (A). How long would it take for the smallest silt-size particles to settle to a depth of 2.5-ft in the basin? (B). At this time, where would the larger and smallest sand size particles be with respect to this silt? (C). What is the textural classification of this soil?...
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