Lecture19 - v. Psychosexual Stages vi. Defense Mechanisms...

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Lecture 19: Personality That which cannot be seen, touched, or directly measured 4/26/04 I. How do we get to know a person a. What do we rely on in making impressions? b. How accurate are our impressions i. E.g. rating the instructor 1. What other information would help form an accurate impression 2. Do impressions matter? II. Impression Formation (Kelly, 1950) a. Warm vs. Cold study i. Differences in rating ii. Differences in behavior III. Approaches to Personality a. Freud/ Psychoanalysis i. 2 main points: ii. Freud’s background (physiologically vs. psychologically caused illnesses) iii. Freud’s Methods 1. Free Association to retrieve unconscious needs and wishes a. Dreams, jokes, parapraxes, etc. iv. Structure of Personality 1. Id 2. Ego 3. Superego
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Unformatted text preview: v. Psychosexual Stages vi. Defense Mechanisms vii. Accessing Unconscious 1. Projective Tests b. The Humanistic Approach i. Carl Rogers theory 1. Parental influences 2. Criticisms a. How would you describe a friends personality? c. The Trait Approach i. Trait: relatively stable predisposition to behave in a certain way ii. Factor analysis & The Big Five 1. O.C.E.A.N a. Openness b. Conscientiousness c. Extraversion d. Agreeableness e. Neuroticism 2. L.I.S.T a. Life data b. Informant data c. Self-data d. Test data 3. Accuracy based on behavrioal Residues a. Food, Music, photos, bedrooms, websites 4. Situationist Argument a. Controversy b. Resolution: Biological roots...
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Lecture19 - v. Psychosexual Stages vi. Defense Mechanisms...

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