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Page 1 Custom Rate Guide 2007 Cooperating with Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Wisconsin Field Office P.O. Box 8934 · Madison, WI 53708-8934 (608) 224-4848 · (608) 224-4855 FAX · www.nass.usda.gov/wi E-mail: nass-wi@nass.usda.gov General: As part of an on-going cooperative arrangement with the agri- culture industry, the Wisconsin Agricultural Statistics Service conducts a Custom Rates Survey every three years. This 2007 summary is a result of a mail survey which collected rates paid by farmers for custom work performed in 2007. The figures are based on reports by: farmers who hire custom work, custom operators and farmers who perform work, and machinery deal- ers who rent out equipment. Over 750 reports were compiled. Most of the rates in this release include the cost of hiring the machine with fuel and operator, but exclude the cost of any materials. No attempt was made to distinguish between rates charged by custom operators who perform these operations as their main source of income, and those who occasionally do custom work as a sideline. Rates charged by custom operators and implement dealers were more likely to be on the higher end of the range. This summary makes no effort to evaluate fairness of rates being charged. Data: Included in this report are Statewide average rates and typical ranges for those averages. The rates and ranges in this release are based on actual reported data and should not be viewed as official estimates. The ranges provided for each custom operation encompass at least 90 percent of the reported values. Rates are typically influenced by the availability of equipment, fuel ex- penses, soil conditions, topography, field shape and size, tradi- tional practices in an area, and type, size and age of equipment. Reports were edited to remove items for which the respondent’s figures were widely outside the range of other respondent’s re- plies. Certain items may have appeared on the questionnaire but were not summarized due to an insufficient number of responses. Price changes for machinery, fuel, and labor should be taken into account when using this 2007 data for subsequent years. District and Regional Data: Every effort was made to publish summarized items beyond Statewide averages. Depending upon the number of reports re- ceived, some data was published on either a District or Region level. The District breakouts follow the typical Agricultural Sta- tistics Districts used routinely by the Wisconsin Field Office (see figure 1). The Region breakout combines Agricultural Statistics Districts based on similar topography and farming practices (see figure 2). Please refer to these figures to determine which District or Region your operation falls in. ADAMS
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WI_custom_rates_2007 - Custom Rate Guide 2007 Cooperating...

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