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log 7 - well as offering more open access to the Web and...

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Michelle Abbott 810803787 BCOR-1010-113 Google is in the process of creating a new product to help get their brand name more heard in the market, and to make consumers lives easier. They are in the middle of developing a phone that is cheaper for customers to buy, but can also access advanced Internet services. They hope to bring people a more personal phone in which they can perform the same tasks that they do on their own computer. Their idea of a lower-cost phone with richer cell phone features has enticed several carriers to sign on to their plan and help out. The company believes they will create new opportunities for Google to sell ads on mobile phones, therefore leading people to use their services more frequently. Google company is using great promotional strategies in order to become a more popular company. Their new idea for wide range service is something that customers will appreciate greatly. They are changing the way of how phones are sold to consumers, as
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Unformatted text preview: well as offering more open access to the Web and third-party applications. Google’s strategy of cooperating with multiple handset-maker and operator partners to develop thousands of different phone models is what will help them promote their product more, therefore putting their company in very great shape I think that Google’s new ideas are a great way to get their company name out there, and that their ideas are also very beneficial to public consumers who want to use their phones. The way that Google is bringing easier internet access through mobile phones is something that is greatly anticipated in today’s society. If Google is able to bring the public a product that they say they are creating, then it will be very successful. Delaney, Kevin J; and Sharma, Amol. (2007 November 6). Google, Bidding For Phone Ads, Lures Partners. Wall Street Journal . Pp A1, A17...
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