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Tyler Robertson Lang 251 Joanna Wesetowska, a native from the beautiful country of poland, also a polish speaker, gave an enlightening presentation on the structural and cultural significance of the 29th most spoken language in the world. From fun facts to diminutive forms to even polish tongue twisters, Joanna delivered a fascinating and gut-wrenching presentation that frankly; made me want to learn the language myself. At this point, you should know that I love learning about languages, I mean, I’m taking this class for a reason, right? So when this presentation came around, I was very ecstatic because I’ve always been interested in the slavic languages, polish being one of them. Polish has a very unique sound and the different dialects make it very unique from all the other languages I’ve learned about. Polish is considered to be one of the hardest languages to master in the world because of the tongue-bending pronunciation, complex gender system,
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