Exam 3 Review - Arousal and Performance(pg 374 Spillover...

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Exam 3 Review Chapter 9 Algorithm (pg. 290) Fixation (pg. 292) Availability heuristic (pg. 293) Framing (pg. 295) Language development (pg. 299-300) Thinking and language (pg. 303-305) Do Animals exhibit language (pg. 308-309) Mental age (pg. 315) Standardization (pg. 317) Down Syndrome (pg. 318) Ethnic Similarities and Differences in Intelligence Test Scores (pg. 324-325) Chapter 10 Hierarchy of needs (pg. 337) Drives (pg. 336) Anorexia Nervosa (pg. 342) Taste Preference (pg. 341-344) Obesity and Weight Control (pg. 344-345) Fat cells (pg. 346) Stages of human sexual response cycle (pg. 351) Teen Pregnancy (pg. 355) The brain and sexual orientation (pg. 358) Wanting to belong (pg. 364) Achievement motivation (pg. 366-367) Chapter 11 James-Lange Theory of Emotion (pg. 372) Cannon-Bard theory (pg. 372) Schacter and Singer’s two-factor theory (pg. 372-373)
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Unformatted text preview: Arousal and Performance (pg. 374) Spillover effect (pg. 377) Gender and expressiveness (pg. 382) Behavior feedback phenomenon (pg. 385) Feel-good, do-good phenomenon (pg. 389) Happiness and Others’ Attainments (pg. 393) Stress (pg. 396) Stress-response system (pg. 397-398) General Adaptation Syndrome (pg. 397) Type A (pg. 400) Chapter 12 Exploring the unconscious (pg. 422-423) Fixate (pg. 425) Projection (pg. 426) Psychoanalytic perspective (pg. 428) Self-actualization (pg. 433) Humanistic perspective (pg. 433-434) Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (pg. 437) The Person-Situation Controversy (pg. 439-442) Locus of control (pg. 445) Learned helplessness (pg. 445) Spotlight effect (pg. 451) Self-serving bias (pg. 453)...
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Exam 3 Review - Arousal and Performance(pg 374 Spillover...

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