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Study Guide for Exam 4 PSY 301 Hawkins **Page numbers represent only the first page. Some topics continue on for more pages.** **Review bolded words in the textbook** Chapter 13 - Definition of disordered behavior - ADHD and its symptoms (461) - Perspectives of therapy (462) o learning, biopsychosocial - Know the differences between all anxiety disorders (467) - Agoraphobia - Suicide – close-up (481) Obsessive thoughts vs. compulsive behaviors (471) - Know the dissociative disorders (473) - Know the personality disorders (474) - Know which disorder is associated with serotonin (482) and for dopamine - Know the characteristics of positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia (485) - Selective attention and schizophrenia (486) Chapter 14 - Know the differences between psychoanalytic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, behavioral, and group/family therapies. - Know the characteristics of humanistic (Carl Rogers) therapy (501) - Know the characteristics of psychoanalytic therapy (bolded terms) - Under behavior therapies, know the different kinds of exposure therapies (502-3)
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Unformatted text preview: -Know what is EMDR -Therapeutic alliance (515)-Know the commonalities of psychotherapies (515)-Know what an eclectic approach is-Know techniques of testing drugs in experiments (518)-Drug therapies - Antipsychotic drugs, antidepressant drugs, antianxiety drugs (518-20)-Be able to identify the names of a few common drugs (e.g., Prozac)-Psychosurgery (523) Chapter 15-Fundamental attribution error (530)-Attributing behavior to persons or situations-Foot-in-the-door phenomenon (532)-Chameleon effect (533)-Know results of Zimbardos prison study (533)-Cognitive Dissonance (534)-Conformity and obedience: Mere exposure effect (535)-Group pressure and conformity: Asch experiment (536-7)-Groupthink (534)-Obedience and authority figures (539)-Psychology of aggression: Frustration (553)-Psychology of attraction: proximity and similarity (559, 562)-Passionate love (563)-Communication (568)...
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