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Introduction to Psychology PSY 301 (unique# 43885) Spring 2008 (MWF 3PM, GRG 102) Instructor: Dr. Ray Hawkins Teaching Assistant: Anushka Pai Office: SEA 2.208 Office: SEA 3.112C Hours: MWF 11 am - Noon Hours: T 2-4, W 1:30-2:30 Phone: 232-3354 Phone : 471-3722 E-mail: E-mail : Date Lecture Topic Chapter Readings Jan. 14 "What" and "Why" of Psychology Chapter 1 (pp. 1-13) Jan. 16 Scientific Method in Psychology Chapter 1 (pp. 14-33) Appendix A Jan. 18 Chapters 2, 3, 4 Feb. 8 First Exam Feb. 11 Chapter 5, 6 Feb. 22 Chapter 7 Feb. 27 Memory Chapter 8 March 5 Second Exam Mar. 7 Thinking, Language, and Intelligence Chapters 9 Mar. 21 Chapters 10, 11 Mar. 31 Personality Chapter 12 Apr. 7 Third Exam Apr. 9 Psychological Disorders and Therapy Chapters 13, 14 Apr. 21 Social Psychology Chapter 15 May 2 Fourth Exam Course Grade A total of four (4) exams will be given, all during regular class times. There will be no final exam. Each exam will be worth 100 points and will consist of 40 to 50 multiple choice, matching, and/or true and false questions. Each exam will cover all of the reading materials assigned for that portion of the course and all of the lecture and video
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This note was uploaded on 08/12/2008 for the course PSY 301 taught by Professor Pennebaker during the Spring '07 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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Syllabus_Spring 08 - Introduction to Psychology PSY 301...

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