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Running Head: NOAA REGULATION CHANGES 1 NOAA Regulations changes Donna Jones MGMT520 Professor Bowman 9/13/15
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NOAA REGULATION CHANGES 2 Introduction The presidential initiative of fighting illegal, unregulated and unreported (UUI) fishing and seafood fraud is one of the most trending regulations among the United States federal and states administrative agencies. This regulation is controlled by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The NOAA refers to a US scientific agency that is part of the US department of commerce. According to Noaanews.noaa.gov (2015), the primary focus of the agency is on the conditions of the atmosphere and the oceans. The agency gives warnings of dangerous weather, charts skies and seas, conducts in-depth scientific research to help improve stewardship and understanding of the environment and guides the usage and protection of the coastal resources and the oceans. The current administrator of the agency is Kathryn D. Sullivan, who was appointed by President Barrack Obama in February 2013 and got confirmed on March 2014 (US Department of Commerce, 2015). The main reason the agency and this regulation are of great interest to me is the impact that I expect them to have on the economy of US. For many years, the United States has been losing a lot of money on illegal, unregulated and unreported (UUI) fishing and seafood fraud and, therefore, this regulation will help curb this malpractice and help channel the money which the fisheries sector has been losing for developmental purposes. Many of the people or organizations that participate in the illegal, unregulated and unreported (UUI) fisheries and seafood fraud do so to evade paying taxes to the government. Most of these people get involved in large-scale fishing which help them get large sums of money which are never taxed and by this the nation losses a large amount of money through tax evasion. Another reason the regulation is of great interest to me is because it will help protect our
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