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EXAM 1 – PSY 301 – ATHLE – SUMMER 2006 Instructions : Fill in all relevant information on the scantron (name and UTEID). The exam has 60 multiple-choice questions (1/2 point each) which are to be answered on the scantron alone. You have up to 90 minutes to answer this exam. Remember to read each question and all the options carefully before you pick the best answer. Good luck! 1. The first psychology laboratory was established in ________ by ________. A) Russia; Ivan Pavlov B) Austria; Sigmund Freud C) Germany; Wilhelm Wundt D) USA; William James 2. Sara likes dogs. She thinks dogs are protective. She has a dog. Pick out the ABCs of Sara’s psychology. A) Liking; having; thinking B) Having; liking; thinking C) Liking; thinking; having D) Thinking; having; liking 3. Psychologists study animals because: A) animal behavior is just as complex as human behavior B) experiments on people are generally considered unethical C) the ethical treatment of animals is not mandatory D) similar processes often underlie animal and human behavior 4. A “double blind” procedure decreases the chances of ________ and _______. A) replication and generalization B) response bias and experimenter bias C) results and conclusion D) theory and data 5. Four researchers study aspects of the phenomenon of empathy. One tries to uncover personality differences between helpers and non-helpers. The second tries to discover the “altruistic gene”. The third studies why empathy developed in prehistoric hunter- gatherer societies. The fourth tries to link child-rearing to the development of empathy in adults. What kind of psychologists might these researchers be? A) Social psychologist, neuroscientist, cross-cultural psychologist, psychotherapist B) Personality psychologist, behavior geneticist, evolutionary psychologist, and developmental psychologist C) Behavioral scientist, cognitive psychologist, counselor, psychiatrist D) None of the above
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6. The World Health Organization did a survey, which showed that the correlation between smoke and stress was +.73, and the correlation between smoking and healthy lung function was -.48. What should the WHO say when reporting this finding? A) Smoking, stress and lung function are correlated. B) As smoking increases, stress increases; as smoking increases, lung function decreases C) There is a strong positive correlation between smoking and lung function and a moderate negative correlation between smoking and stress D) Stress causes you to smoke and smoking in turn causes lung malfunction Answer questions 7-11 on the basis of this information. A humor researcher has the theory that: The Simpsons is a funnier show than Family Guy, which in turn is a funnier show than Southpark. He shows three groups of participants a different show each, and measures the decibel level of the laughter generated and how funny (on a scale of 1-5) they found the show they saw. He computed the means presented in the table below. The Simpsons
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Exam1_Key - EXAM 1 PSY 301 ATHLE SUMMER 2006 Instructions...

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