7Biederman cont - English for familiar concrete objects...

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Solution to problem 2: Recognition-by-components (RBC) Assumptions of RBC: A given view of an object is represented as an arrangement of simple primitive volumes (geons— geometric ions)—24 types in all. Geons are extracted from viewpoint-invariant edge description and are themselves viewpoint-invariant and resistant to noise. Geons are generalized cones specified by four properties: Curvature (straight vs curved cross-section) Size variation (constant vs expanding vs expanding and contracting) Symmetry (symmetrical vs asymmetrical) Axis of cone ( straight vs curved) Claim 1: There are about 3,000 entry-level terms in
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Unformatted text preview: English for familiar concrete objects. Claim 2: A combination of 2 or 3 geons together with their relations is sufficient to specify an entry-level object. Capacity to represent tens of thousands of objects derives from use of several viewpoint-invariant relations among geons (TOP-OF, SIDE-CONNECTED, LARGER THAN). In current theory, there are 81 pairwise combinations of relations; also 5 aspect ratios and 3 orientations are specified. 24 geons, 15 attributes, 81 pairwise combinations of relations. For 2-geon objects, we have (24) 2 x (15) 2 x 81 = 10,497,600 possibilities....
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7Biederman cont - English for familiar concrete objects...

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