1Overview - the end of the course we will talk about...

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Fundamentals of Cognition (Psy 387R) Spring 2007 Instructor: Randy Diehl Readings: Cognitive Science: Visual Cognition. Vol. 2. Cognitive Science: Thinking. Vol. 3. Photocopies of all other readings available at WEL 2.228. Grades: Course grades will be determined by performance on three take-home exams, all equally weighted. Office hours : MW 1:30-2:30 or by appointment.
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Course content: We will discuss most of the core topics of cognition: visual processing and pattern recognition, imagery, attention and automaticity, working memory, long-term memory, categorization, judgment and reasoning. Near
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Unformatted text preview: the end of the course, we will talk about artificial intelligence and connectionism (neural network theory). What is different about this course is the considerable emphasis given to the history and conceptual background of cognitive science (entire first 1/3 of the course). The story involves intellectual developments in a number of seemingly separate disciplines: philosophy (epistemology, philosophy of science), mathematics (information theory, theory of formal languages, automata theory), computer science , linguistics , and psychology . (See list of background readings.) Aim: To understand a core tenet of cognitive science--the Computational Theory of Mind....
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1Overview - the end of the course we will talk about...

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