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Winter 2008 Name_____________________ CHM 201 Quiz 1 1) Name the functional groups circled in the following molecule. Spelling counts! Right or wrong; no partial credit. O Cl O H O O N O O C A B C D E F G Letter Functional Group Name A Aldehyde B Ester C Nitrile/cyano/cyanide D Ketone E Ether F Aromatic/benzene G Acid chloride 2) Fill in the blanks for the following statements. Spelling counts! Right or wrong; no partial
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Unformatted text preview: credit. a) Alkanes are known as saturated hydrocarbons because they are made of singly bonded carbons and hydrogens. b) Carbons can be bonded to one another by single , double or triple bonds. c) A central atom that has steric number 3 is said to have a trigonal planar geometry and bond angles of 109° ....
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