PSY 301 Brock Syllabus

PSY 301 Brock Syllabus - PSY 301 Introduction to Psychology...

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PSY 301: Introduction to Psychology Summer 2008 Instructor: Ashley H. Brock, M.A. Email: [email protected] Phone: 512-663-4377 Office: Seay 1.204C Office hours: T and Th 10-11:30 am Class Information: Unique #: 88125 Location: Seay 2.108 Meeting times: Monday-Thursday 8:30-9:45 am Teaching Assistant for First Summer Session: Jacqueline Rivers Email: [email protected] Office: SEA 3.426E Office hours: T and W 11:30am-1pm June 16th-July 17th Teaching Assistant for Second Summer Session: Sheila Krogh-Jespersen Email: [email protected] Office: SEA 1.316D Office hours: T and Th 11:30am-1pm July 17th-August 18th Course Description : This course is an introduction to the science of psychology with an emphasis on biological and evolutionary explanations of psychological phenomena. The course will cover topics in cognitive, developmental, personality, social, and clinical psychology. An opportunity will be provided for students to suggest topics for lectures that particularly interest them, and a large breadth of topics will be covered. Classes will often be in lecture format, but student participation and discussion are strongly encouraged. Required readings for the course: Gazzaniga, M. S. & Heatherton, T. F., (2006). Psychological Science , 2nd This text can be purchased in hard copy or is also available online at
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Grading Policy : You will have the opportunity to earn 400 points in this class: 3 exams – 100 points each, or 25% each 2 papers – 40 points each, or 10% each Attendance and participation – 20 points, or 5% Final grades will be distributed according to the following scale: A = 360-400 points B = 320-359 points C = 280-319 points D = 240-279 points F = 0-239 points Exams (75%) Three in-class non-cumulative exams will be given. Each exam will contain a mixture of multiple choice and short answer/essay questions. There will also be a cumulative final exam. However, the lowest exam grade will be dropped, and your best three exam scores will each count for 25% of your grade. You are responsible for bringing number two pencils and an eraser to exams. You are encouraged to visit office hours and go over your exams. If you miss an exam because of an illness or emergency, you may make up the
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PSY 301 Brock Syllabus - PSY 301 Introduction to Psychology...

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