Ellis - May 4, 2004 s Lenny Bruce: Get Over It! Stop...

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s Lenny Bruce: Get Over It! Stop Whining! By DAN HURLEY n a recent Friday evening, nearly 200 people came to the Albert Ellis Institute in Manhattan to watch a master performance — call it stand-up psychotherapy — by a legend. As he has on nearly every Friday night for more than 30 years, Dr. Albert Ellis, the 90-year-old psychologist who invented rational emotive behavioral therapy and wrenched psychotherapy out of the age of Freud and into the age of Dr. Phil, was demonstrating his no-nonsense, confrontational, obscenity-laden technique before a packed house on East 65th Street. "Do you know why your family is trying to control you?" he asked a volunteer who joined him at the front of the room. "Because they're out of their minds," he said, adding an unprintable adjective between "their" and "minds." Another volunteer, Kristin Bell, spoke of her sister who had been killed by a drug dealer eight years before. "Why can't you understand that some people are crazy and violent and do all kinds of terrible things?" Dr. Ellis asked. "Until you accept it, you're going to be angry, angry, angry." It is Dr. Ellis's conviction that people can always rationally choose to change and that a psychotherapist's job is to nudge them, gently or otherwise, in the right direction. That view has defined his career and has helped usher in an emphasis on quick results over profound insights. Even so, his exhortations to give up anger did not prevent him, less than an hour later, from shouting, "Get out, get out, get out!" when his path out of the room and into the elevator to his penthouse apartment was blocked by the crowd. "I wasn't upset," he insisted later. "I'm just very firm. I was determined to get them the hell out of the way." Dr. Ellis has, throughout his life, been firmly determined to let nothing stand in his way, not the critics who have derided him and his methods, not the gastrointestinal infection Find more related articles by selecting from the following topics: Psychiatric and Mental Health Services Psychology Social Sciences Track a subject by e-mail s (May 2, 2004) s Lesson for College
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Ellis - May 4, 2004 s Lenny Bruce: Get Over It! Stop...

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