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1. Paula Abdul first became popular for her hit song, Opposites Attract. Research actually finds that the best predictors of attraction are: A. similarity then attractiveness B. attractiveness then quality of conversation C. attractiveness then similarity D. opposite traits then attractiveness 2. Mallory is a devoted fan of Jennifer Lopez. She camped out for a week for the opening of Gigli . After seeing the movie, she raved about how good it was, even though many non–JLo fans and several respected movie critics thought it was not up to par. Mallory’s attitude may partly represent: A. peripheral route persuasion B. cognitive dissonance C. central route processing D. social facilitation 3. Based on propinquity, which of the following college students living in a particular hall of a dormitory would most likely be elected as “most popular”: 4. If I started charging some of you $1 to come to class, and paid others $100 for attendance, cognitive dissonance theory would predict that: 5. A child returns from Halloween trick-or-treating, and promptly dumps a bag of candy in a pile on the kitchen table. She then spreads it out to make "more" candy. You can be most certain that the child 6. The other day I was about to go on a really hard run with a group of people. Before we began, I was exaggeratedly rubbing my knee and stretching my leg—making sure everyone knew I had a bad knee. Why would I have wanted them to know about my symptoms? A. I know bystander intervention is unlikely in a small group B. I’m obsessed with cognitive dissonance C. I was self-handicapping to save face D. I was a victim of a door in the face persuasion tactic
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