courseoutline - guest lecture Chapter 9 W 3/15-3/20 Spring...

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Course Outline Date of Class Topic Readings/ Assignments due W: 1/21 Introduction: What’s psychology all about Chapter 1 M: 1/26 Doing Psychological research Chapter 2 Journal entry 1 due W: 1/28 Biological Foundations: up close and neuronal Chapter 3 M: 2/2 Brain science and surgery Chapter 4 W: 2/4 Linking Brain and Behavior: Case studies Chapter 4 M: 2/9 Sensory Process and Perceptual Paradox Chapter 5 W: 2/11 Hypnotism and Subliminal Perception Chapter 5 Journal entry 2 due M: 2/16 TEST 1: Chapters 1-5 W: 2/18 Movie M: 2/23 Psychological boot camp: Conditioning and Learning Chapter 6 W: 2/25 Memory: How do we remember and why do we forget ? Chapter 7 Journal entry 3 due M: 3/1 Memory: Reconstruction, Misinformation, and Repression Chapter 7 W: 3/3 Consciousness Altered Chapter 8 M: 3/8 Motivation Chapter 9 Journal entry 4 due W: 3/10 Dieting, Attraction & Happiness,
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Unformatted text preview: guest lecture Chapter 9 W: 3/15-3/20 Spring Break M: 3/22 The Benefits of Emotional Expression Chapter 10 W: 3/24 TEST II: Chapters 6-10 M: 3/29 Movie W: 3/31 Development I: The importance of Early Experience Chapter 11 M: 4/5 Development II: Intelligence and cognitive development Chapter 12 Journal entry 5 due W: 4/7 Classic Rocks in Social Psychology Chapter 13 M: 4/12 You can’t always know what you want. Errors and ironies a la social psychology Chapter 14 W: 4/14 Social Influence: Getting others to do what you want Chapter 14 Journal entry 6 due M: 4/19 TEST III: Chapters 11-15 W: 4/21 Movie M: 4/26 On Getting a Good Personality Chapter 15 W: 4/28 Psychopathology Chapter 16 Journal entry 7 due M: 5/3 Psychotherapy Chapter 17 W: 5/5 TEST IV: Chapters 15-17...
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courseoutline - guest lecture Chapter 9 W 3/15-3/20 Spring...

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