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ANSWERS TO EXAM 1 IN BOLD I. Multiple Choice 1. Suppose you were a research participant in one of Wilhelm Wundt’s studies… Most likely you would have been required to: a. Be hypnotized by Wundt himself b. Report the content of your dreams over a series of nights c. Report your reactions to various stimuli d. Write a stream of consciousness essay 2. John Watson rejected ___________ in favor of studying ___________ a. introspection… structuralism b. phenomenology… animals c. the mind… behavior d. behavior… the mind 3. From the case of Phineas Gage, one thing we learned was: a. Brain damage can occur without changing personality b. The frontal lobe is involved in thinking, planning, and impulse-inhibition c. The parietal lobe is responsible for personality characteristics d. Intellectual functioning is localized in the occipital lobe. 4. The results of our online survey demonstrated that the more the class reported drinking beer, the more you reported having upset stomachs; thus, a. Drinking beer causes people to have upset stomachs b. Drinking beer is one of many causes of upset stomachs c. Upset stomachs and beer-drinking are positively correlated d. Upset stomachs and beer-drinking have a negative correlation coefficient (r). 5. In class when we all “acted out” neurons, your fingers were ________, that received messages; your bodies were axons that ________ signals; and, your feet were _______ responsible for transmission. a. Dendrites…insulate…axons b. Axons…conduct…dendrites c. Dendrites…conduct…axon terminals d. Axon terminals…conduct…dendrites 6. In the Greenwald et al. study of subliminal self-help tapes discussed in class, research participants heard either correctly labeled or mis-labeled self esteem or memory improvement tapes, then were tested for self-esteem and memory. The results revealed that: a. All participants who actually heard self-esteem tapes had increased self-esteem b. All participants who actually heard memory-improvement tapes had increased memory ability. c. Only those who thought they were listening to a self-esteem or memory-improvement tape showed improvement d. There was no improvement, regardless of tape heard, but participants thought they had improved. 7. A chef wants to add just enough vanilla to a recipe to make its taste barely detectable. The chef’s problem is closely related to the concept of: a. The difference threshold b. The absolute threshold c. Weber’s law d. The JND
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8. To avoid waking up your room-mate, you pick out your clothes in the semi-darkness of dawn. The bright bathroom light reveals a near fashion mistake- a red shirt, green pants and purple socks. Your problem is that : a. Rods only operate in bright light to show color b. Cones, which detect color, don’t operate in semi-darkness c. The lens only lets in color in bright light d. Only the center of the retina operates in semi-darkness 9. Suppose John Kerry’s new advertising campaign wants a patriotic theme where viewers “see” a
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Exam1answers - ANSWERS TO EXAM 1 IN BOLD I Multiple Choice...

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