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ESO 202A/204: Mechanics of Solids (2016-17 II Semester) Assignment No. – 10 10.1 Determine the equation of the elastic curve for the beam shown in Fig. 10.1 due to an imposed small vertical displacement, , at the end. The beam has length, L, and constant flexural rigidity, EI. Hint: start with fourth order differential equation. 10.2 Find reaction at support B (Fig. 10.2) using superposition method. 10.3 The cantilever beam, AB, shown in Fig. 10.3 has a bracket, BCD, attached to its free end. A force, P, acts at the end of the bracket. Find the ratio a/L, so that i) the vertical deflection, ii) angle of rotation of beam at point, B, will be zero. Use the method of superposition. 10.4 A 0.75 m long cantilever of contact flexural rigidity, EI = 30 kN-m
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