log 2 - factors by using their land and reserves...

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Michelle Abbott 810803787 BCOR-1010-113 Petrobras, a state-controlled oil company in Brazil, has been growing in the economy over the last decade. Workers used to be “25% less productive than the industry average”, but with the improvement of Petrobras, that is not the case anymore (WSJ pg. A1). Some of the accomplishments that Petrobras has today is the fact that they have lower costs of finding oil than other industries, and their listing on the New York Stock Exchange has reached a value of around $130 billion. Part of Petrobras success is the fact that they are more efficient at developing their reserves than most companies, they are successful in technology, and the fact that Petrobras now operates in 27 other countries. All of the actions and remarkable conduct that Petrobras is taking influences their success in society. In class, we learned about certain factors of production that lead a company to success. Petrobras exhibits many of these
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Unformatted text preview: factors, by using their land and reserves efficiently, as well as their labor. The growth of the company has influenced workers to work for the company. Along with these factors, the company does a good job of being ethically correct in giving their workers and community what they want. Petrobras “is hitting new milestones in recovering oil and preventing worker accidents” (WSJ pg. A9). I believe that what Petrobras is doing is good not only for the economy, the community, and their workers, but also for themselves as a company. Their success has grown so much in the past decade, and I expect that it will continue to grow. They are portraying many aspects of a successful business, and things can only get better for them from here. Moffett, Matt (2007, August 30). How a Sleepy Oil Giant Became a World Player. The Wall Street Journal pp. A1, A9...
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log 2 - factors by using their land and reserves...

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