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Chem 058 CENTER FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING Handout #14 J. Walcott LEARNING STRATEGIES CENTER Spring 2008 Review Guide #12 Supplemental Problems Solutions 1. Check answers in the Solutions Manual. 2. Show the structure of the polymer that results from heating the following diepoxide and diamine.
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Unformatted text preview: O O O O H 2 N NH 2 + heat O O OH OH HN NH NH n 3. Methyl -cyanoacryate can be polymerized anionically to make super-glue. Show a section of the polymer formed when OH-is used as the initiator. C C C O N OCH 3 OH-+ H 2 C HO CN CN CN C C C O O O OCH 3 OCH 3 OCH 3 n...
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