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Chem 058 CENTER FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING Handout #14 J. Walcott LEARNING STRATEGIES CENTER Spring 2008 Review Guide #12 Lectures: 4/14/08 – 4/18/08 Chapter 28 I. Polymers (continued from Review Guide #11) A. Step-Growth Polymers Step-growth polymers are also called condensation polymers. They are made when two molecules combine while a small molecule such as water or an alcohol is removed. 1. Polyester Polyesters are step-growth polymers where monomer units are joined by ester linkages. Fischer esterification of alcohols and carboxylic acids (with an acid catalyst), transesterification of alcohols and esters, and nucleophilic acyl substitution alcohols and acid chlorides (with a base to neutralize the HCl produced), are methods used to make polyesters. 2. Polyamides The carboxylic acid group on one monomer reacts with the amino group of another monomer to form amide bonds in polyamides. 3. Polycarbonates Polyesters with two alkoxy groups bonded to the same carbonyl carbon are polycarbonates. 4. Polyimines Aldehydes or ketones on one monomer can react with imines to produce water soluble Polymimines 5. Polyethers and/or ketones Electrophilic aromatic substitution of benzene rings having an Oxygen (electron donating group) reacting with a diacid chloride in the presence of AlCl
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058_Ho_14_RG_12_08 - Chem 058 J. Walcott CENTER FOR...

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