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Unformatted text preview: Biopsychology (PSY 308) Review Sheet for Exam 2 Dr. Alcantara Ch. 5 - Research Methods Understand the type of information that is obtained from each of the research methods that were discussed in class Ch. 6 - Visual system What are the receptor cells and how do they process information? What specific information do they process? How and where do action potentials occur? Pathways for black and white processing Pathways for color processing Receptive fields for cells in the retina and cells in the primary visual cortex Ultimately, how are objects recognized? How do visual impairments arise? Ch. 7 - Auditory system Which are the receptor cells, what type of information do they process and how? How is low and high frequency information processed in the cochlea and in the auditory cortex? How and where do action potentials occur? Pathways for processing auditory information Ch. 7 - Olfactory system Receptors where are they located and how do action potentials arise within them? Olfactory pathways Ch 8 - Sleep What is the function of sleep? What is the function of REM sleep? What are the various stages of sleep, what brain waves characterize these stages? What neural mechanisms underlie these different stages? How do various sleep disorders arise and what treatments are used? Ch. 9 - Reproductive Behavior What relationships exist between various hormones, brain areas and male and female sexual behaviors? Key brain areas involved in male and female sexual behaviors ...
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