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exampleques08 - nerve fibers 8 Draw a sketch of a feedback...

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PSY341K                       Example Questions for Midterm             2008         1. Describe 2 kinds  of eye movements  and  their function.    2. Describe foveal over-representation  in the visual cortex. Give a reason  for this  over-representation. Draw  a diagram  to illustrate your answer. 3. What is the Perception-Action Cycle? Give an example. 4. Describe the specialized  gaze patterns  found  by Land  in cricket. 5. Describe your  results in the ball-catching  lab. How  do they compare  with   Land’s? 6. Draw  a sketch of the brain showing  the structures  involved  in the generation   of a saccadic eye movement. Specify the function  of these structures  (to the  extent that this is possible). 7. Sketch a muscle, including  the muscle spindle and  the sensory and  motor 
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Unformatted text preview: nerve fibers. 8. Draw a sketch of a feedback system and a feedforward system. Give an example of each (for visuo-motor control). 9. How does the speed of a movement (e.g. reaching) affect its accuracy? Explain why. 10. Describe the effect on reaching movements of large-fiber sensory neuropathy (degeneration of the afferent fibers from the muscles and skin) when visual feedback is eliminated? Sketch the movements to illustrate your answer. 11. What are the primary brain areas involved in the control of movement? Give a brief description of their function. 12. What is the role of the posterior parietal cortex?...
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