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Chechnyasantigaypurge - The Novaya Gazeta a Russian...

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The Novaya Gazeta- a Russian independent newspaper- reported on April 1st that over a 100 homosexual and bisexual men were being rounded up by Chechnyan officials and detained in camps, alleging that at least 3 men had died. This seems to be in response to protests in Chechnya over the lack of a Pride Parade, or indeed any kind of acknowledgement of homosexuality by the government. Alvi Karimov, spokesperson for Ramzan Kadyrov, president of the southern region of Chechnya, gave the official statement that the government cannot persecute people that "Simply don't exist in the region." After reading multiple articles from sources of varying repute, I was surprised to find that everyone pretty much agreed that it was happening, and mainly differed on the extent and detail to which it was happening. Novaya Gazeta: The original article- admittedly translated from Russian so kind of hard to fully comprehend- focuses more on the events that led to the rounding up of gay men. It seems that LGBT activists were lobbying
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